Maintenance Requests

Please click here to submit work orders through Property Logic

Work Order Requests

At One Liberty Square we utilize an on-line Work Order system called, Property Logic. Shortly after move-in, your Tenant Liaison(s) will be trained by LPC staff on how to use this web-based site. All requests, including: adjustments to heat and air conditioning; building access cards; freight and loading area reservations, and common area maintenance should be made via Property Logic. Please see additional section on Property Logic within this Portal for information on how to use the Work Order system.

Tenant Additional Services Cost Schedule

Our staff is available to handle or help coordinate all of your service needs. Certain requests, however, may be billable for parts, overtime or outside vendors. When this is the case; the authorized requestor from your company must first approve the Work Order before we can complete.

For your convenience, listed below is our cost schedule for some of these services. If you are interested in a service not identified in the list below, please contact the Management Office for assistance.

Service Rate Unit Minimum
After Hours HVAC $50.00 /hour/floor -
Carpentry/Miscellaneous $35.00 /hour -
Janitorial/Housekeeping $27.50 /hour 4 hours
Access Cards $10.00 each Replacement
Keys $5.00 each Standard Key
Light Replacement Varies depending on product - -

-Rates based on current pricing and subject to change from time to time
-Typical pricing for Overtime HVAC - consult your lease for specific rate

Engineering Services

LPC engineers are on-site daily for maintenance and oversight of all common area equipment. Additionally, engineers respond to individual tenant requests submitted via Property Logic. For all Work Orders; our engineers will respond and assess the request and will resolve in-house whenever possible. For certain requests, however, an outside vendor or parts may be required. In these instances if the cost is determined to be outside of the lease requirements - the tenant will be advised in advance of the cost before the request is completed. Examples include: repairs to non-building standard fixtures or lighting; replacement of non-building standard ceiling tiles; installation of additional thermostats. The tenant is billed at established rates for engineering services. See chart above for typical expenses.

Carpentry Services

The engineering department can provide a variety of minor carpentry services, including installing shelves, hanging pictures, and repairing chairs or cabinets. See chart for rates.